Hong Kong Island is only 7% of the total territory ceded by Britain. The main areas of civilization are Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, although Lantau Island holds the airport and Disneyland.

Housing, viewed from the hotel room

Housing, in the best light, viewed from the hotel room

Housing, looking East from the hotel room

Housing of a different class, on Victoria Peak (“The Peak”)

It's a nice place to live...

Housing on the South China Sea, southern shore of Hong Kong Island

Housing, of a different sort (subsidized), viewed from the Hong Kong Exchange offices

Housing, of tet a different sort, also viewd from the Exchange offices. These go for US$ 500K for 700 sq ft 1 bedroom

Yet another housing option, in the fishing village of Tai O on Lantau Island (home to the airport and Disneyland)

More of Tai O

Tai O, a family temple

A closeup of the temple

Homes on a tidal pond in Tai O

The “Peak Tram”



The Peak (on the right) itself; as viewed from the pavilion at the top of the Peak Tram

View South from the peak, South China Sea

Fountain at the Peak pavilion

View from the peak, looking North towards the city itself. That's Kowloon across the harbor.

Views from the Peak, looking Northwest

View Northeast

The Peak, proof that I made it to the top (500 feet above the Pavilion)

View from the Peak of the Peak, looking south through the fog.

Also looking south

The Governor's Garden (at least it was pre WW II)

A whimsical trash receptical, in the governor's garden at the Peak.

More Whimsy.

To come half way around the world to see an exhibit on loan from the National Gallery in Washington, DC.

The famous Star Ferry between Hong Kong and Kowloon

From a passing ferry.

The view of the Hong Kong skyline from the Star Ferry, with the Peak in the background.

More of the skyline.

A long (but narrow) skyline

The Avenue of Stars is a promanade along the southern perimeter of Kowloon; that's Hong Kong Island in the background.

The Avenue of Stars is used for many purposes, like wedding photos.

The Avenue is a busy place.

Who is Woo?

Ah, Bears I recognize.

And everyone recognizes him?

A moving Hong Kong MTR (subway) train. Note the lack of doors between “cars”.

The Taikoo Place mall has a skating rink, a bit incongruous in tropical Hong Kong

Not as classy as Rock Center.

If it wasn't obvious, that rink is in the center of a huge mall.

The IBM tower in Taikoo Place

The Hong Kong Exchange IT offices (the gold building in the center) across from Taikoo Place.

A good view of Kowloon from the Exchange offices.

If you can't read it, that neon sign says Booklyn Brewery. There IS civilization in Hong Kong.

This is enroute to Shek O, a beach resort on the Southeast coast of Hong Kong Island.

The beach at Shek O


A view on the way back to the city.

The Hong Kong Museum of History,

This is a moon bear, so called because of the marking on its chest. It appears to be an extinct Sloth Bear.

Pottery from the earliest inhabitants of the Hong Kong area, the Yue paleolithic people.

Intruduction to the Yue.

Earrings of the Yue.

A petrogplyh found on the shore of the South China Sea.

Another view of it.

Samples of textiles of local cultures.

More of the same.

A scene in a family compound.

The Lantern festival, where every family who has given birth to a male during the preceeding year gets to hang a lantern.

A wedding chair, used until recently.

A wedding dress...

...and another.

Puppets for a festival.

The first Portugese ship to enter Hong Kong.

Medicine jar in an apothecary shop.

And more of the same.

An artificial waterfall in Hong Kong Park. You can walk behind it.

Showing how the park is nestled among the skyscrapers.

A visitor to the park.

The I/M. Pe Bank of China building (in the middle)

Hong Kong R Office Buildings

An inhospitable island in Hong Kong harbor, enroute to Lantau Island.

A visit to the Po Wat moastery, with the world's largest seated Buddha statue. There are 250 steps to the Buddha.

Which we climbed in the hope of getting a better view.

And climbed.

In the pouring rain.

To get not much of a better view.

As you can see.

That's his hand, if you look closely.

Shrouded in mystery.

We just couldn't get close enough.

His attendents did little better.

As you can see.

However, there were some attractive trees.

Ala, in a replica of the Sun Stone at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

The shrine in the monastery,

Where photography was forbidden.

Like here.

And here.

And likewise.


The central temple, in the rain.

As you can see and hear.

Alan and Thomas in the monastery.

This is an outdoor shrine (with a roof over it).

Dragons around the outside of the temple.

The inside of the temple.

Another view.

The square in front of the temple, viewed from the vegetarian restaurant in the monastery.

The Exchange Migration Team.

The traditional fishing village of Tai O, with traditional outboards (and behind the photographer, 50 tour buses lined up).

Tai O is partially on an island; these are the tidal flats.

With their crabs.

The canal between the island and the mainland.


Another local.

Bananas you can pick right off a tree.